Registration information

We are happy to register new NHS patients within our catchment area.

How to Register

You can download the 2 registration forms below or ask for the registration forms at reception:

  1. NHS form: GMS1 Form
  2. Practice questionnaire: New Registration Under 16 Registration form or New Registration forms 16 & Over Adult Registration form

Please contact your previous doctor to get your NHS number and remember to sign your forms as well. Please hand the completed forms back to reception.

A receptionist will make an appointment to complete the registration process with you.


You must provide two forms of identification:

  • one should be photo identification e.g. a passport or photo driving licence.
  • one should be a letter with your name and new address on e.g. utilities bill or bank statement. We cannot accept a mobile telephone bill.

Until you have submitted your ID you will not be registered at the practice.


Practice area

In order to register with the Practice, you will need to live permanently within the catchment area. Patients are expected to inform us of any change of address . You can download the Change of Address Form or ask at reception and hand it to reception. You can also do this online by filling in the online form. You will need to bring proof of address to reception to complete this process.


For children we require the parent/guardian to inform us if your child or child’s family has had any contact with social services or child protection investigations and give ALL names of people who have legal parental responsibility. A child will not be registered without the parent/guardian with parental responsibility being registered as well.


New patient check

All new patients are required to attend a New Patient Health Check with the Nurse or  Healthcare Assistant (HCA). This involves taking your medical history, weight, and blood pressure. This will ensure that our records are accurate and all routine checks to promote your health and wellbeing (such as blood pressure/smear tests/mammograms) are up-to-date.


Other information

Please note that it may take a few weeks for your records to be transferred from your previous GP. If you require repeat medication, it would be helpful if you could bring in a counterfoil of the previous script or medication boxes as proof of your medication. You may be asked to see the doctor to review your medication.

If you see a hospital specialist, please make sure their records are uptodate by reminding them of your new GP.