Flu Vaccination

Flu vaccination by injection, commonly known as the “flu jab”, is available every year on the NHS to protect adults and some children at risk of flu and its complications.

We offer the Flu vaccination during the Autumn and Winter months. We will provide more information when our next campaign starts.

We recommend you book early for your annual flu jab so that you are covered for the whole winter. We recommend you get the flu jab with us because we know your full medical history and can record it properly.

You can book an appointment for the flu jab with the Nurse or Health Care Assistant (HCA).

You can also ask a doctor to give you the flu jab if you see them in a routine appointment for a different problem.

Housebound patients who are unable to attend the surgery and wish to have their annual flu vaccination can call the surgery to express their interest and we will arrange a home visit.

Please only book the flu jab if you are eligible.

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